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Grids on images

Step 1: Open up a new transparent 3x3 pixel document.
Step 2: Zoom the tiny document to the maximum. Here, I zoomed it to 1600%
Step 3: Choose a foreground color for the grid lines. You can choose any color you want. Here, I used black.
Step 4: Take the Pencil tool and draw a line like "L" shape. Now it will look like the following:
Step 5: Go to Edit > Define Pattern and give a name for this patter, may be mygrid.
Step 6: Open up an image in which you want to do grid design.
Note: If the opened file type is other than psd, you cann't directly set the blending options. Select the file (ctrl + a), copy (ctrl + c). Open a new document (ctrl + n) and past (ctrl + v) the buffer.
Go to Layer > Blending Options > Pattern Overlay > mygrid
If you want, adjest the Opacity in Pater Overlay according to your taste.
The final result will be something like the above picture.
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